Help for post-pill acne, hair loss, and weight gain

What do post-pill acne, hair loss, and weight gain all have in common? They can all be the result of a temporary surge in androgens when trying to come off certain types of hormonal birth control.In this episode, Lara discusses post-pill androgen symptoms including:why pills like Yasmin are the hardest to come offhow androgens can cause weight gain, andnatural treatments such as zinc, berberine, and cyclic progesterone therapy.Links:Ovulation is the main event of the menstrual cycleThe central role of ovulatory disturbances in the etiology of androgenic polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)—Evidence for treatment with cyclic progesteroneBeyond the label: A patient-centred approach to polycystic ovary syndromeCyclic progesterone therapy for PCOS

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