Saving Face

Guy Fawkes night 1979 would be remembered for more than fireworks and festivities when two mothers were brutally executed as they lay bound, gagged and naked face-down on beds. This is the case of ‘Saving Face’.Lady Justice is a true crime podcast; therefore deals with incidents of violence, disturbing imagery and explicit content. Listener discretion is advised. The Lady Justice Podcast wishes to offer their deepest condolences to the victim's families and offers thanks to those who work in the emergency services. Lady Justice is a weekly true crime podcast that covers fascinating cases, both past and present. Social media: Instagram - - - - [email protected]  Patreon:  Promo: Music City 911Real 911 Calls Real 911 Dispatchers The Web She Wove:  Crimecon UK (10% DISCOUNT WITH CODE LADY):  UK True Crime Live Youtube:  Support Services:  Small Act of Kindness: Sources:

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A UK based true crime podcast that takes a deep dive into little-known and fascinating cases from both the past and present. New episodes released every two weeks.