Labyrinth Podcast

Ep 006 - Pancake Day Special with Kendall Vanderslice

from Labyrinth Podcast | Published 2/16/2021

Welcome to the Labyrinth podcast where we are working out how Christianity can really be good news for everyone.***Today Ryan and Beth revel in pancake day festivities and reflect on their crepe adventures. Then we sit down with the multi-talented baker-come-theologian Kendall Vanderslice to chat about fresh expressions of church and 'edible theology'!***Check out Kendall's awesome cutting edge (and cutting bread) work here:***Happy Pancake Day! We love you!

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You don’t have to be 40 or considering buying your first sports-car to be having an existential crisis! We were both church kids but studying theology at university and experiencing some of the harsher realities of life begun to pull at the threads of our faith. Walking (…sometimes racing!) around the labyrinth of a college garden in first year we laughed, cried and wondered whether the evangelical faith we’d inherited was really good news for everyone. One thing we agreed upon was that we weren’t ready to give up on Christianity altogether. The Labyrinth Podcast continues these conversations and invites guests to share their own stories and illuminate our steps along the way. These chats are a place for honesty and authenticity as we seek to find our feet in faith again, reimagining our traditional take on scripture, church and whatever else. It is our great hope that we can find a way to hold all of these things together as curious, compassionate twenty-somethings. We are inviting you in so that you know you are not alone in searching for answers to questions that seem just too big, too controversial, or too scary. Join us, Ryan and Beth, as we wade through our doubts and questions together.