Today’s podcast to kick off 2024 in style, we have an original unsung hero that was one of the first editors in music publications to bring Hip Hop to a national U.K audience. The proprietor of the worlds longest running Hip Hop magazine, Andy Cowan of Hip Hop Connection is in the Podtrap to chat about the history of Street Culture from a documenters perspective from the 80’s onwards! Talking the highs and lows of the iconic magazine, the stars of the covers, rockstar moments and Andy’s new book B-Side’s. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 This is Andy Cowan’s Podcast! The Tyrannosaurus Killa Kela Podcast is back!!!! 🔥💣🦖👑🔥 WANT MORE STREET CULTURE?? GET THE KELAVISION APP, TO AUDIO LINKS & NFT'S HERE! https://linktr.ee/KILLAKELAOFFICIAL  Find out more about GraffPunks & Hodl Warrior’s NFT’s here https://graffpunks.world/ Get your hands on Chief Rocka wear now https://chief-rocka.com

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THANKS FOR PASSING THROUGH - DON'T FORGET TO HIT SUBSCRIBE! The Killa Kela Podcast is a series focussing on Artist2Artist conversations of music & Street Culture. Each episode we talk to the creme of international artistry/guests who have contributed their lives to the urban arts and music. Bringing high profiled legacy acts together alongside underground pioneers; From Musicians, to graffiti writers, to fashion trailblazers - this show allows guests to indulge in a more passionate conversation into their musical drives, tastes, creative beliefs and ultimately, what they stand for as artists. We get under the hood of those artists who's roots lye deep within decades of international street culture. Please Download, leave a comment & Don't forget to share! #killakelapodcast