Ep 266 | Why Did We Stop Talking About Venezuela? | Guest: Jorge Jraissati

When the socialist policies of Nicolas Maduro and Hugo Chavez transformed Venezuela from a prosperous country into a humanitarian disaster, it was big news all over the world. The New York Times ran stories about residents of the impoverished nation having to eat their own pets in order to survive and any number of similarly horrific narratives. But at some point, discussion of Venezuela’s downfall simply stopped, as readers got bored and preferred to focus on issues closer to home, like the American economy or the pandemic. But just because we stop talking about something doesn’t mean it ceases to exist. In Venezuela, things have only gotten worse. Matt Kibbe talks to Jorge Jraissati, a Venezuelan activist and the director of Alumni for Liberty, about Maduro’s continued efforts to control the population by outlawing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the desperate attempts of the Venezuelan people to survive the actions of their own government. As Americans, it’s important that we not forget about the plight of Venezuela, as it carries important lessons that we should heed if we want to prevent our own country from traveling down the same socialist path.

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