Money Mail 185 - ‘We sold the forever home’

[Hey bro, today we did it!! Unconditionally sold our “forever home” We were $1m in the hole(debt) paying crook interest mate ($70,000pa).] I received this thought provoking message from a reader. I thought this one might interest you. What decisions did you make at 2% interest rates that you wouldn’t have made at 6 or 7% interest?Hey thanks for listening! Please take some form of action from this content, don’t just be a consumer, become a producer! Make sure you’re subscribed to Money Mail via to receive our weekly lesson on money and financial literacy. Stay close to us on social media and share this with someone that you think this content will help. Together we can collectively improve the financial literacy of New Zealand - let’s get on with it.Find us here:@keepthechange_nz Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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