7. A Lone Twin

The now infamous twins are finally transferred from Broadmoor to a clinic nearer their home in Wales. They’re excited to be moving closer to their family and have hopes and dreams for their eventual release and their future lives. But what should have been a joyous occasion ends in unimaginable tragedy. Former Caswell Clinic psychiatrist Dr Tegwyn Williams speaks about his memories of that fateful day.

Credits: Narrator: Linda Mitchell Producer: Beccy Leach Assistant Producer: Jessica Gunasekara Sound design: Cathy Robinson Executive producer: Karen Voisey Voice director: John Norton Original title music: Kizzy Crawford Voice of young June: Bethan Mary-James Voice of young Jennifer: Olivia Forrest Production manager: Andrea Deere With thanks to Marjorie Wallace

Om Podcasten

June Gibbons tells the tragic story of her and her sister Jennifer, twins cut off from the world. After a brief crime spree, they become the youngest women in Broadmoor.