5. Inside Broadmoor

Aged just 19, June and Jennifer are given an indefinite sentence to Broadmoor Secure Psychiatric Hospital. They’d hoped for a short sentence to get the help they needed, and they have a childish excitement about going to Broadmoor. The reality of living alongside serial killers and rapists turns out to be a far cry from their idealistic expectation.

Credits: Narrator: Linda Mitchell Producer: Beccy Leach Assistant Producer: Jessica Gunasekara Sound design: Cathy Robinson Executive producer: Karen Voisey Voice director: John Norton Original title music: Kizzy Crawford Voice of young June: Bethan Mary-James Voice of young Jennifer: Olivia Forrest Production manager: Andrea Deere With thanks to Marjorie Wallace

Om Podcasten

June Gibbons tells the tragic story of her and her sister Jennifer, twins cut off from the world. After a brief crime spree, they become the youngest women in Broadmoor.