2. Virgins on the Dole

June and Jennifer have left school and shut themselves away in their room, living their lives through their dolls. They record their innermost thoughts in their diaries – feelings they felt unable to communicate to those around them. The twins dream of becoming famous authors and write vividly imagined stories, plays and novels. After some publishing success, they fear they’re wasting their youth and yearn for more teenage adventure – but at what cost?

Credits: Narrator: Linda Mitchell Producer: Beccy Leach Assistant Producer: Jessica Gunasekara Sound design: Cathy Robinson Executive producer: Karen Voisey Voice director: John Norton Original title music: Kizzy Crawford Voice of young June: Bethan Mary-James Voice of young Jennifer: Olivia Forrest Production manager: Andrea Deere With thanks to Marjorie Wallace

Om Podcasten

June Gibbons tells the tragic story of her and her sister Jennifer, twins cut off from the world. After a brief crime spree, they become the youngest women in Broadmoor.