Letter LL

"I found you were all swallow's milk...." Lela Family: Leskoviqare / Laver Bariu: Gajde Permetare / Laver Bariu: Valle Plakava Medley / Lela Family: N'Pensheremne e Zotrise Sate / * Saz'Iso (Donika Pecallari & Adrianna Thanou: Pensheremne e Zotris Sate / Saz'Iso (Aurel Qirjo): Violin Kaba * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez1qvqklwKM  

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Om Podcasten

Producer/Writer Joe Boyd takes a trip through his vast record collection using song titles in alphabetical order as doorways to history, memorable recording sessions, rarely heard discs and unforgettable personalities.