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#5 - How To Be Happier: Owen O'Kane

from It's Good To Walk | Published 4/4/2021

Owen O'Kane is a Psychotherapist, Former NHS Clinical Lead and Sunday Times Best Selling Author. His books Ten to Zen and Ten Times Happier have sold translation rights in 15 languages and as well as running a private practice in London he is also a mental health speaker, columnist and regular contributor to press and media..Owens professional credentials in the mental health space are second to none but it’s his personal journey that fascinates me. From growing up in one of the most dangerous parts of Belfast during the peak of the troubles to struggling with his own sexuality in a time and place where it wasn’t tolerated, the adversity Owen has faced growing up has undoubtably played a big part in shaping him into the remarkable human he is today..When I started this podcast I was hoping that as well as talking to some incredible people I would be be able to answer some of my own personal questions. Since my accident I have been on a bit of a spiritual journey, some of which makes sense to me and some of which I’m still trying to work out. Well Owen really helped me unravel a few of those questions on a scientific level as well as offering up so much more useful advice..We talk about:Resilience,Kindness,Trauma,Meditation,How to be happier,As well as some really funny stories including one about a group of catholic priests and a sunbed. I know, it sounds like the start of a joke but it actually isn’t..He’s a great guy and I was really lucky to have him on, enjoy..Resources:Owens website - books - Owen:Instagram & Twitter - @owenokaneten.Thank you to our sponsor the Coaching AcademyThe Coaching Academy are the world's largest life coach training provider and do an absolutely amazing job, teaching everyday people to make a difference to the lives of others - every day.So if you've ever thought about helping people achieve their goals, gain greater clarity in their life or help them build confidence and resilience, a full or part time career working from home as a Life Coach may well be for you.Check out The Coaching Academy’s free webinars, they run every week and can help you find out if Life-Coaching is for youFind out more at

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