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#3 - Do It Your Own Way: Serena Guthrie MBE

from It's Good To Walk | Published 3/22/2021

Serena is the England netball co-captain and widely regarded as one of the best team sports athletes in the world. Despite all that she has achieved she remains one of the most humble people you’re ever likely to meet, and as you’ll hear - she’s also straight talking, honest and incredibly wise for her age.Serena’s approach to life and some of the decisions she’s made along the way probably aren’t typical of someone who has reached the pinnacle of their sport - but that's what makes her so fascinating. She does it her way and it works.We cover:Being the underdogStaying uncomfortableKeeping balancePurposePerspective& much more.Enjoy!Follow Serena:Twitter: @serenabobInsta: @serenabobResources:Buddhism for beginners | Gabriel ShawHalf of a yellow sun | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ----------------------------------------Thank you to our sponsor the Coaching AcademyThe Coaching Academy are the world's largest life coach training provider and do an absolutely amazing job, teaching everyday people to make a difference to the lives of others - every day.So if you've ever thought about helping people achieve their goals, gain greater clarity in their life or help them build confidence and resilience, a full or part time career working from home as a Life Coach may well be for you.Check out The Coaching Academy’s free webinars, they run every week and can help you find out if Life-Coaching is for youFind out more at

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