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#1 - Living With Adversity: David Smith MBE

from It's Good To Walk | Published 3/8/2021

In terms of resilience you need look no further than this man. I first met David Smith through a computer screen whilst I was in intensive care. I had had no movement or sensation in over a week and to be honest I was starting to give up hope that was until I saw Dave‘s video. Not only is Dave a two times world champion, Paralympic Gold medallist, MBE and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet - he’s all of that in the face of staggering adversity.Dave is living with an inoperable tumour on his spinal-cord which has grown back to paralyse him not once, not twice - but four separate times. Unimaginable. But here's the amazing thing. Every time he’s knocked back to square one he fights back, not just to independence but to world class levels of sport. Sure, every time he's a little more impaired, a bit more damaged and he has to live with all of the elements that go along with a spinal cord injury - but most of all he has to live with knowing that that tumour could come back and paralyse him again at any moment. I can’t even imagine being in that position but the way he deals with it is nothing short of incredible.We talk about:Dark humourGratitude HopeScience - AIFacing death & much more.He’s a great bloke, really intelligent and really insightful - and I now consider myself very lucky to be able to call him a friend. I hope you enjoy our conversation.Walk: Greyfield Wood - Timsbury - SomersetHandles:www.davidsmithathlete.comInsta: @davidsmithmbeTwitter: @DavidSmithMBELink to video - you to our sponsor the Coaching AcademyThe Coaching Academy are the world's largest life coach training provider and do an absolutely amazing job, teaching everyday people to make a difference to the lives of others - every day.So if you've ever thought about helping people achieve their goals, gain greater clarity in their life or help them build confidence and resilience, a full or part time career working from home as a Life Coach may well be for you.Check out The Coaching Academy’s free webinars, they run every week and can help you find out if Life-Coaching is for youFind out more at

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