Ep10: Iron Overload in the Heart - Part 2

This is the final episode in this series of IRON MATTERS, our series of educational podcasts for GPs, allied health professionals and patients by some of the leading clinicians and medical researchers in the field in Australia exploring issues associated with iron overload and hereditary haemochromatosis. Here Professor David Playford, clinical cardiologist and Professor & Chair of Cardiology at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle explores issues of iron overload in the heart further.  Support the show (https://haemochromatosis.org.au/supportus/donate/)

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IRON-MATTERS is a series of interviews by and for medical and health practitioners focusing on hereditary haemochromatosis. The series is intended to provide general practitioners with in-depth information about this genetic chronic condition. Topics include - diagnosis in general practice with GP Dr Robert Menz- the genetics of haemochromatosis with clinical geneticist Prof martin Delatycki- haemochromatosis and the liver with gastroenterologist Prof John Olynyk- haemochromatotic arthropathy with rheumatologist Prof Graeme Carroll- iron and the heart with cardiologist Prof David Playford- best practice in venesection with nurse specialist Cindy Bryant- Australian Red Cross Lifeblood therapeutic venesection program with Dr Peter Bentley- bodily iron regulation with haematologist Prof Sant-Rayn PasrichaThe first episode was published 1 June 2020. Future episodes will be published every two weeks.IRON-MATTERS is published by Haemochromatosis Australia (www.ha.org.au) and produced by Healthily.com.au,