Inverse's Own: Voices From Our Community with Pastor Sarah Quint

“Walking the Red Road in an effort to decolonize and contextualize the Way of Jesus.”Join us for Sarah Quint! Sarah a citizen of the Mattaponi Nation of Tsenacommacah, Turtle Island (present-day eastern Virginia, USA). Her and her partner, Steve, pastor Monroe City Church in Monroe, MI (Potawatomi territory). She is a mother of two amazing boys, River and Reed. Sarah is a self-diagnosed nemophilist, because of her love for the forest, with a passion for plant knowledge and foraging. With the help of her Elders and the Great Spirit, Sarah has been walking the Red Road in an effort to decolonize and contextualize the Way of Jesus. These efforts have led to crafting songs in her Tribe’s traditional tongue, connecting to the land, creative writing, and oral storytelling. As she works towards reconnection in all 7 directions, Sarah is passionate about inviting others who feel disenfranchised along the way. She is proud to represent the long line of First Nations relatives who have been good hosts on their land. She is a board member of Monroe Puente, a nonprofit that works to make sure immigrants and migrant workers receive the welcome, dignity, and connections that they deserve. Wholeness to Sarah is when all creation has the freedom to live out their God-given purpose around the sacred hoop of life. Her daily prayer is, “May the Circle Be Unbroken.”

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