Art, Liberation, and Worship with Christian de Vietri

Christian de Vietri is an artist known for his large-scale artworks in public spaces and traditional sculptures related to Trika Śaivism. He graduated from the Columbia University MFA program and went on to receive training in ancient Indian Art and Architecture. His artworks have been exhibited, collected, and commissioned internationally for the past 20 years, and he has been the recipient of several awards including Citizen of the Year for his contribution to visual art in Australia. He’s also one of Jarrod’s best mates.   Follow Drew Hart on Instagram and Twitter @druhart. Follow Jarrod McKenna on Instagram and Twitter @jarrodmckenna. Discover our global community on Twitter and Instagram @inversepodcast. Become a Patron of Inverse at  Inverse Podcast is produced by Jen Kinney @iamjenkinney

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