My 3rd Perspective.

S02EP23: STS; Are we all a bit sadistic? All our relationships are based on convenience? Can you really be charitable without expectations? Should you be on YouTube? Conversations that changes you.

from My 3rd Perspective. | Published 4/13/2021

This episode the boys get together to shoot the shit and talk about some of most intrinsic qualities of people and how if you are well aware of yourself you cannot help but come face to face with these attributes. The topics are interesting and the boys really get into it. This episode is truly engaging and makes you wanna join the conversation. We would love to hear inputs from the listeners and would want the listeners opinions on the topic and their overall feedback. This is truly an engaging conversation that you would not want to miss. If you enjoyed listening to the episode please drop a like, share, comment, and subscribe to us here and on YouTube!

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The perspective that is rarely talked about, yet it is actually the most important one.