S02EP18: STS; Mean what you say. Be sure of your position otherwise people can dictate your play. Taxi confessions. Be aware of the lens you looking the world through. Can a mother raise a murderer?

In this episode the boys get together to shoot the shit and tackle quite a few important issues of the society. The boys start of the episode with a discussion of how people have become so matter of a fact with some of the fundamental questions. The questions have become so disingenuous and people have truly stopped communicating through them. The boys then get into the obsession of deriving self worth through the outer world and how people do not really know their position in their life. A truly engaging discussion that everyone can learn from. The boys then discuss some of their amazing taxi journeys and some of the conversations that have left an impact on them. This part of the episode is a peek into the lives of the drivers we know so little about. The discussion then leads to the lens we see the world through and how it obstructs us to see the reality of the world and being aware of the lens and is so very important. We cap off the episode with a discussion on whether parents can be blamed for the actions of their children? How far how long can we disregard their upbringing when it comes to serious crimes. You do not want to miss this episode. If you liked the episode, please drop a like, share, comment and subscribe to us here and on YouTube.

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The perspective that is rarely talked about, yet it is actually the most important one.