Veterans Memorial Coliseum: Part 2

For this second of our two-episode look at Portland's one-of-a-kind midcentury modern arena, we double down on the Coliseum's history as the original home of the Portland Trail Blazers, and explore the Coliseum's artistry. The first interview is with the MVP of Portland's 1977 NBA championship: Hall of Fame basketball player and veteran ESPN commentator Bill Walton. The second interview is with artist Avantika Bawa, whose 2019 solo show at the Portland Art Museum was devoted exclusively to paintings and drawings of the Coliseum.

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In Search of Portland is a continuing journey through the city we love: a celebration of old and new landmarks, and the dreamers who populate them. Each episode is devoted to one special building or place—a sacred ground of sorts—with a focus on its past, present and future.