You wouldn't date yourself either... (Ep.5)

In this episode, Natalie explores the idea that you are toxic! Toxicity can reveal itself in many ways, but often times when we are single we find ourselves faced with our own undesirable traits within a relationship. Relationships are hard! We can often feel defeated when the person we want doesn't want us back, or feel desperate for answers for why we are single. Natalie gives practical advice on how to show yourself the love you so desperately seek in others. She talks about how being a "lover girl" is seen in society and how to raise your standards and stand on business, even if you feel lonely. This episode is also available on youtube and apple podcasts

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Improvement for Imbeciles is a podcast designed specifically for young adults who are still in the process of figuring themselves out. The host, Natalie discusses varying perspectives on personal development, offering practical advice and guidance to help listeners navigate the confusion and uncertainty of this transformative stage of life. With a focus on self-improvement, the podcast delves into topics such as self-discovery, identity, and purpose.