Raise your standards and stop accepting the bare minimum (Ep. 6- ft. Kenziespicy)

In this episode, Natalie and Kenzie explore standards and dating. @kenziespicy is a storytime tiktoker who shares her dating life. About 5 months ago, she met her kindergarten "husband" at a coffee shop after all of these years. Slowly but surely, they started dating and Kenzie shares her advice on how she maintained her standards despite KGH being the man of her dreams. Kenzie gives Natalie some big sister advice on how to remain the prize and get to know someone. Natalie and Kenzie open up on their experience with toxicity and how their past relationships have allowed them to build upon their standards and introspect. Overall, this episode explores the nuance of modern dating for women and how you must learn to accept people as they are but place them where they belong. Thank you to Kenzie for being on this podcast. Be sure to check me out on my socials Instagram- @mylifeasetch Tiktok- @natalieetched @improvement.imbecile

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Improvement for Imbeciles is a podcast designed specifically for young adults who are still in the process of figuring themselves out. The host, Natalie discusses varying perspectives on personal development, offering practical advice and guidance to help listeners navigate the confusion and uncertainty of this transformative stage of life. With a focus on self-improvement, the podcast delves into topics such as self-discovery, identity, and purpose.