Ep.2 Motivation is not enough

In this weeks episode Natalie explores why most New Year's resolutions fail. Motivation is often seen as the driving force behind New Year's resolutions. However, relying solely on motivation may not be enough to sustain long-term change. While motivation can provide an initial burst of enthusiasm, it tends to fade over time. Additionally, external factors such as stress, distractions, and setbacks can easily derail motivation. She also explores the role of discipline in the creative process. Discipline is the act of showing that you are devoted to your vision.

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Improvement for Imbeciles is a podcast designed specifically for young adults who are still in the process of figuring themselves out. The host, Natalie discusses varying perspectives on personal development, offering practical advice and guidance to help listeners navigate the confusion and uncertainty of this transformative stage of life. With a focus on self-improvement, the podcast delves into topics such as self-discovery, identity, and purpose.