Ep.1 You're an imbecile

In Episode 1, Natalie explores the fascinating connection between cognitive bias and mental health. She elaborates on the purpose of Improvement for Imbeciles, encouraging the listener to approach improvement as an "imbecile"- not because you are stupid but because as a human you lack awareness by nature. She examines how cognitive biases, such as confirmation bias and the Dunning Kruger effect, can profoundly impact our perceptions and behaviors towards self improvement. By understanding the powerful influence of cognitive biases on our thoughts and emotions, we can gain valuable insights into improving our mental well-being and making more informed decisions. Natalie shares her personal experience with allowing other's opinions to dictate her self improvement journey, and the perspective shifts that have helped her overcome self doubt.

Om Podcasten

Improvement for Imbeciles is a podcast designed specifically for young adults who are still in the process of figuring themselves out. The host, Natalie discusses varying perspectives on personal development, offering practical advice and guidance to help listeners navigate the confusion and uncertainty of this transformative stage of life. With a focus on self-improvement, the podcast delves into topics such as self-discovery, identity, and purpose.