IGNITEd Firefighter Podcast with Ryan Rodriquez

Episode 137 - Values + Behavior = Culture

from IGNITEd Firefighter Podcast with Ryan Rodriquez | Published 8/13/2021

You’ve heard me talk a lot about organizational culture on this podcast.  One of the main reasons is that I’m incredibly fascinated by the elements that make up a company’s or fire department’s culture, good or bad. I’m interested in learning what makes good organizations thrive and bad organizations fail.  I am always looking for the elements that contribute to each side of that coin.  So, what I did was take my own advice!  I reverse engineered things!  I took a look at what I determined to be a toxic culture and I worked back from there.  And what I came away with was an equation… In today’s episode, I will tell you what that equation is, I will break down each element OF that equation, and I will provide you with some strategies and insight that you can take back to your own organizations to help foster the organizational culture for the better. -- IGNITEd Firefighter Podcast Facebook Group MANSCAPED (use code IGNITED for 20% off and FREE SHIPPING) --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ignitedff/message

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