Ibiza Refuge for Dreamers

3: A Journey from Financial Banking, to Film & Documentary Production to Regenerative Agriculture through the Power of Vulnerability with Giancarlo Canavesio

from Ibiza Refuge for Dreamers | Published 4/11/2021

In this episode you will get to hear stories around  the effects of psychedelics & medicine plants,the power of vulnerability and taking risks as necessary tools for growth,the importance of having a conscious community around you,the most awareness expansive documentaries available,sex & love, freedom & society, life & death, drugs and medicines,and regenerative agriculture.Where to find Giancarlo Canavesiohttps://mangu.mysites.io/https://ibizalandregeneration.org/IG @giancarlo_canavesioWhere to find Oihana [email protected] @ibizarefugedreamers, @oihanagalordualoveMusic of the trailer, Mateos UlrichMusic at the end, Gayatri MantraBettina Maureenji and Amu Ahavawww.bettinamaureenji.comIG @bettina.maureenji.musicAudio Assistance www.sonicspheres.com

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Welcome to your heavenly refuge. A space to unwind your mind, slow down your rhythm,  and fill your whole body up with inspiration. This podcast will nourish you with stories from beautiful creators and entrepreneurs, who have already made a change in their life,  using their gifts to walk their talk. Welcome again my name is Oihana Galor-Dual, yoga teacher and nutrition consultant, enthusiastic about bringing the stories of people that share their unique blueprint with the world.