Ibiza Refuge for Dreamers

1: Music, sound healing and the medicine of your voice method with Bettina Maureenji

from Ibiza Refuge for Dreamers | Published 3/12/2021

In the first episode of the season we get into conversation with musician, songwriter, teacher and mentor Bettina Maureenji.  She opens up about  •major shifts in her life, •what brought her to Ibiza,  •travels,  •her path as a musician in ceremonies,  •devotional music,  •her healing journey through sound  •her offerings •how she developed "the method of your voice". To contact Bettina Maureenji www.bettinamaureenji.com @bettina.maureenji.music To contact Ibiza Refuge for Dreamers [email protected] @ibizarefugedreamers @oihanagalordualove En el primer episodio de la temporada vas a entablar conversación con la música, compositora, maestra y mentora Bettina Maureenji. Ella habla a cerca de  grandes cambios en su vida, que la trajo a Ibiza, viajes, su camino como música en ceremonias, música devocional, su viaje de curación a través del sonido, lo que ofrece, como ha desarrollado su técnica el método de tu voz. Para contactar Bettina Maureenji www.bettinamaureenji.com @bettina.maureenji.music Para contactar Ibiza Refuge for Dreamers [email protected] @ibizarefugedreamers @oihanagalordualove

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