Ep 112 | Bailey has earned over $1 million in 3 years selling PNGs on Etsy – with Bailey Designed Co

This digital product success story will blow your mind and inspire you to no end! Just three years ago, Bailey opened her Etsy shop selling PNG designs for sublimation tumblers—and since then, she’s become a top 0.1% Etsy Seller earning $45k per month passively through digital downloads. Listen in as she shares her story, key strategies that helped her grow, and how she’s scaling and securing her business for the future. **“How to Sell Your Stuff on Etsy” is not affiliated with or endorsed by Etsy.com STUFF I MENTIONED: Bulk listing and editing tool Bailey mentioned (Vela): https://welcome.getvela.com/ How to Create Your Own Font in Midjourney: (Go to the Fonts and Calligraphy Chapters of the video): https://youtu.be/OY427QKSXcM?si=MlQRbJmRMSVc1QIX   Bailey’s Digitally Purposed Community and Training: https://www.digitallypurposed.com/digitallypurposedsales-7407?am_id=lizzie295 Find Bailey: YouTube: https://bit.ly/BaileyYouTube   Digitally Purposed: https://bit.ly/digitallypurposed   WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW: ⭐The A.I. Print on Demand LIVE Workshop just happened on 1/17/24! Get a copy of the recording, prompts for your own mockups + POD designs, tutorials for Midjourney, Ideogram, and Dalle-3 and MORE (Use code POD50 to save $50): https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/ai-POD-workshop-enrollment ⭐ Get my free list of 100 in Demand Micro-Niche Keywords: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/Micro-Niche-Demand  ⭐ Join the $4.99 monthly subscription to the In Demand Micro-Niche Keywords List: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/micro-niche-member  (You'll get ongoing access to the ever growing of list of hundreds--soon to be thousands-- of micro-niche opportunities on Etsy!)  ---------------------------------------------   ⭐Book a one-on-one Etsy coaching session with Lizzie: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/coaching ⭐Apply to be a Podcast Guest: https://bit.ly/48hFD8X Find me on Instagram and TikTok @HowtoSellYourStuff   FREE ETSY MASTERCLASS: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/masterclass FREE PDF DOWNLOAD: “4 Strategies I Used to Grow My Etsy Shop from $25 to $6000k/month”: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/site/4-strategies-opt-in   Grab my UPDATED Etsy Course for physical product sellers: “Listings that Sell 2.0” and learn how to skyrocket your Etsy business: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/etsy-listings-that-sell    ----- HOW TO SELL YOUR STUFF WEBSITE: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/ HOW TO SELL YOUR STUFF INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/howtosellyourstuff/ HOW TO SELL YOUR STUFF SHOWNOTES: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/blog/112 ------- THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY: My Resources Me! And the Resources section on my website. If you have questions specific to your personal niche on Etsy, you should definitely come check out my Resource page at www.HowtoSellYourStuff.com/Resources where I will connect you with my favorite free and paid resources created by experts I have personally vetted. Whether you sell POD, digital products, printable, physical products and more—there’s info waiting for you to help you on your Etsy journey!  Recommended Resources: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/resources AND Paige Hulse Law and the Creative Law Shop Whether you’re just getting started on Etsy or you’ve been selling for years but never quite got around to the legal setup, I want to make sure you know about Attorney Paige Hulse and her Creative Law Shop. If you need legal assistance for your Etsy shop, want to register a trademark, or are looking for help with forming a business—contact Paige at https://paigehulse.com/ AND If you’re looking for a well-crafted legal document that is tailored to creative entrepreneurship, but don’t want the cash outlay of hiring an attorney by the hour, you can get everything you need from an LLC operating agreement, multi-person LLC agreements for partnerships, special provisions for your Etsy Shop Policies, affiliate agreements, influencer contracts, photography releases, and so much more. There are over 80 contracts available plus free resources and educational tools waiting for you at https://www.shopcreativelaw.com/ Make sure you use the code smiley10 for 10% off of anything from the Creative Law Shop! *Some of the links above are affiliate links which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. You can see my affiliate disclosure here: https://www.howtosellyourstuff.com/affiliate-disclosure

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