"Sickle Cell & Me" with Yasin

This week, I am joined by Yasin. She speaks to me about her journey as a sickle cell patient and an advocate and why we should all get tested for the trait, especially when we are settling down and want to have children with someone. There are test centres in the UK that allow you to find out your trait! Get tested!  Extra Resources; Book a RANT session here  Sign up to join the sisterhood via our website Email us at [email protected] We're crowdfunding at the moment to ensure that we can help more women! Please donate what you can! Find us on Twitter (@homegirlsunite) and Instagram (@homegirlsunite). We'll be posting weekly so join us on this journey! Happy listening!

Om Podcasten

We're Home Girls Unite; a support group for eldest immigrant daughters and this is our podcast. Every week we come together to discuss a topic that is unique to our struggles as eldest daughters who were forced to grow up before our time and mother those around us.