"How come no tells Black Women about this"

This week I am joined by Motunrayo. We talk about her role as the eldest daughter. Making the decision to quit her job and work on her start-up, Anfaani. A tech-enabled social and wellness platform for Black women and non-binary individuals. Extra Resources; Book a RANT session here  Sign up to join the sisterhood via our website Email us at [email protected] We're crowdfunding at the moment to ensure that we can help more women! Please donate what you can! Find us on Twitter (@homegirlsunite) and Instagram (@homegirlsunite). We'll be posting weekly so join us on this journey! Happy listening

Om Podcasten

We're Home Girls Unite; a support group for eldest immigrant daughters and this is our podcast. Every week we come together to discuss a topic that is unique to our struggles as eldest daughters who were forced to grow up before our time and mother those around us.