Deep Talk w/ Special Guest: Navigating Sexuality, Gender Expression, and Coming Out

In this episode my Girlfriend and I have a deep talk about our coming out experience, navigating our sexuality and gender expression. We dive into an open conversation about our life, growing up knowing we were different than other kids. We reflect on the impact those moments of adolescence had on us, now in our 20's. Relax and reflect on these very important topics with us! --- Support this podcast:

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Hosted by Chloe Danielle, this podcast is a deep dive into life's personal challenges which includes everything from living in the public's eye as an influencer to mental health and finding oneself. Throughout this podcast you'll learn more about Chloe Danielle and her unique take on life. This podcast is to inspire others, learn a different take on life experiences, and ultimately feel less alone in the crests and falls of the waves of life. Support this podcast: