90. Overcome Overwhelm to Gift Yourself Presence, Peace, & Joy this Season 🎁

The holiday season is officially rolling, which could mean that the overwhelm & stress maybe, too. If your holidays tend to feel fast, chaotic, stressful or anxious, this episode is for YOU! The girls share the greatest tips for making these times and moments peaceful & enjoyable! Let’s. Get. VIBEY!Courses & Events to help you navigate the holiday season:Overcome emotional & binge eating: Click Here for Sarah’s signature course or head to https://www.sarahjeanharken.com/diet-culture-dropout  CLICK HERE FOR TWO FREE WEEKS in Sarah’s Breathwork & Meditation Membership, which will help you create peace, calm, stillness, presence & bliss throughout the season.Mary Yoga App - yoga is a great practice to be consistent with during these times, as it will help you feel more in-tune with your mind and body.SHOP OUR MERCH! CLICK HERE or head to www.hervibeisprettypodcast.com/shop*We ship INTERNATIONALLY!*We want to hear from you! Share your biggest takeaway in the Her Vibe is Pretty Community on Facebook!Click here to join: Her Vibe is Pretty PodcastDM & Tag us on [email protected]@[email protected] Send us an email at:[email protected]om

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