88. Ways to Heal Your Relationship to FOOD | Part 1 🙏🏼

CLICK HERE for more deets on + to enroll in Diet Culture Dropout!Use code PRETTYVIBETRIBE by December 8th, 2021 to receive an extra $50 off! https://www.sarahjeanharken.com/diet-culture-dropoutWelcome to the Q&A (Part 1) on Your Relationship to Food with Sarah! Refer to the outline below to find out what topics where discussed. Per usual, a lot more wisdom poured out beyond the basic answer <3 Be sure to DM her (@sarahjeanharken) and let her know what landed and resonated the most!  Questions Answered: 10:38 - What is the first step for changing your relationship with food?12:47 - Is there a way to find out why I binge & emotionally eat? 14:45 - How do I find balance between enjoying a holiday feast vs. the out of control binge episode?22:53 - I want to be able to eat intuitively, but I’ve been told that I need to count macros to get to that point. Is that true?29:04 - I need more help with being more compassionate with myself. I get frustrated with my mind/soul for not taking care of this body. 40:33 - How to balance being gentle with myself when binge/emotional eating happens, with discipline to stop the cycle.45:40 - How not to relapse into disordered eating patterns when noticing weight gain?54:31 - Tips for not feeling guilty & simply enjoying without stuffing myself?58:21 - how not to let a day of bad meal choices ruin my mood for the whole day? Let's. Get. Connected to our bodies and therefore, VIBEY! 

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