86.‌ ‌Massive‌ ‌Breakthroughs,‌ ‌Shifting‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Perspective,‌ ‌&‌ ‌Taking‌ ‌Scary‌ ‌Leaps‌ ‌That‌ ‌ Amplify‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Soul‌ ‌ ✨

Welcome back to this UNIQUE episode of the Her Vibe Is Pretty Podcast! The girls began recording this with no topic in mind, no plan, no specific lessons to share; they let it flow from their souls and of course, it ended up being extremely profound.They let you in on some deep stuff happening in their lives and the wisdom that’s coming through because of it. Some things you’ll hear them discuss include: Mary’s wild experiences at Breathwork Teacher GraduationSarah’s life, upcoming travel plans, & breakthroughs that are changing her lifeSpeaking your truthHow your intuition is your superpower Being real and rawHow perspectives on situations change everything for the course of your life& so much moreLet’s. Get. VIBEY!!Upcoming live BREATHWORK SESSIONS with Sarah:CLICK HERE FOR TWO FREE WEEKS in her Breathwork & Meditation Membership, which will grant you access to ALL of her upcoming breathwork sessions + immediate access to the replaysCLICK HERE to drop into tomorrow’s session (November 18th @ 1 pm EST) or receive the recordingCLICK HERE to drop into the December 1st session @ 12 pm EST (or receive the recording)CLICK HERE to drop into the December 15th session @ 6 pm EST (or receive the recording)Connect With Us:Mary Yoga App - create a consistent yoga practice & change your life!SHOP OUR MERCH! CLICK HERE or head to www.hervibeisprettypodcast.com/shop*We ship INTERNATIONALLY!*We want to hear from you! Share your biggest takeaway in the Her Vibe is Pretty Community on Facebook!Click here to join: Her Vibe is Pretty PodcastDM & Tag us on [email protected]@[email protected] Send us an email at:[email protected]

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We make self help entertaining and sexy; it's our mission to help you stop living a small life and level TF up! Her Vibe Is Pretty is for humans who have a desire to shift into a higher, better version of themselves, but don't know where to begin and want to have fun along the way. We uniquely spin taboo topics, pop culture and juicy life stories into relatable lessons that will change your life forever. Each episode will support you as you step up and embody your Evolved Self. After listening, you'll feel inspired, motivated and HIGH VIBEY!