Barking, Lunging, Reactive Dogs & A Pair of Pants!

In this very first episode of the Help! My Dog podcast by Dr Tom Mitchell, well known veterinarian, pet behaviourist and dog trainer, Tom dives into the reactive dog brain, the the reasons dogs might bark and lunge or appear anxious in situations and why theyc an become unpredictable with other dogs. Whether your dog is reactive or simply a bit unruly, this episode packed full of information is going to be a hit. We'll also be introducing you to our brand new feature "It Could Be Worse!" where we share your anonymous embarassing dog-owning stories to brighten your day and even on the darkest days, think to yourself "Well, It Could be Worse!"

Om Podcasten

The Brand New podcast from vet, behaviourist and trainer, Dr Tom Mitchell! We'll be covering all things dog behaviour to unlock the life you dream of with your dog, transforming behaviour struggles and levelling up your relationship with your dog. If you get excited about learning about dog behaviour and want the practical, effective (and fun) strategies that we know transform struggles from barking to reactivity to separation anxiety to simply not listening, welcome home!