Turning Passion into a Profession

From a young age Dido had 2 big passions. Music & Art! In this episode, Dutch Artist, Dido de Beer shares her journey of how she turned these passions into a budding art profession. Dido found her niche. Take a listen and discover how getting really specific about her style helped her build her business and connect with the right art buyers. Find out what inspires her and what hot tips she has for all those creatives wanting to turn their hobby into the life of a working artist. BONUS: Dido has a special gift for all the Help I Am Artist Podcast Listeners.  Head over to https://www.sonjasmalheer.com/dido to access 2 of Dido’s favorite pop icon wallpapers which you can download as a musical background for your mobile device. 

Om Podcasten

If you're a busy artist looking for inspiration on the go then this podcast is for you! You’ll hear artist insights, art expert interviews, inspiring artist stories, step-by-step art business strategies, and have access to more than 30 years personal art coaching experience from artist & mentor Sonja Smalheer.