Interview with Contemporary Landscape Painter Rachel Teannalach

A few years ago, a mutual friend introduced me to working artist, Rachel Teannalach.  Rachel is a contemporary landscape painter based in Boise, Idaho.  In this episode, she shares more about her artistic journey.  For as long as she can remember Rachel has loved to paint. She has turned her passion for painting into daily practices that have fuelled so much of her success.  Her work is characterized by bold, gestural brushstrokes and her ability to evoke the emotional quality of the places she paints. Rachels work is guided by the belief that the observation of nature revives our recognition of beauty and restores our sense of belonging in the natural world. Her work inspires viewers to become more conscious of their surroundings and take time to stop and take notice. Besides original works, Rachel has found clever ways to turn her art into reproductions which in turn has become a major source of her income.  Her focus over the last several years has been collaborations with conservation organizations, supporting their efforts to preserve the lands she loves to paint.  Rachel is known especially for her "tinyExpanse" daily paintings, which can be purchased on Etsy, along with small works and prints. Her work also encompasses large scale landscapes and occasional cityscapes and portraiture. Find out more about Rachel in the notes of the podcast:

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