08: Lil Surprenant MD Life Coach: Money and Impact Breakthrough

Lil Surprenant MD shares her love of life coaching. She hasn’t let her busy career as a physician and her home life stop her from her dream of being a successful life coach.

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Heartwork Journaling is serious personal growth through creativity and play. In Season , you'll discover what Heartwork Journaling is and how it can help you grow. I'll share the 5 stages of a Heartworker's Journey plus interview s with clients. With Heartwork Journaling, you'll learn simple journaling techniques to uncover and understand what’s happening in your mind, to better understand yourself, know why you’re doing or not doing anything. You'll learn how your thoughts, emotions and actions work together like a puzzle. They create your current results and can you use them intentionally to create more of the results you want in your life. With Heartwork Journaling, you’ll be able to choose who you are on purpose, you’ll let go of unexamined thoughts, you’ll learn to feel deeply, and learn how to follow the messages of your emotion to find out what’s underneath them.