The Step Back: The 1st Step of Trauma Healing

Welcome to another episode of "Healing Trauma," brought to you by the Trauma Institute. In today’s discussion, we delve into the "Step Back", the first essential movement in the journey toward healing from trauma. This episode explores why stepping back is a crucial initial step in understanding and addressing trauma effectively. We'll unpack the different healing models and resources that can cater to diverse needs, helping each individual find a path that resonates deeply with them.Join us as we share insights from our network of advisors and organizational partners, all dedicated to facilitating profound healing. Whether you’re a therapist looking to deepen your practice or someone on your own healing journey, this episode offers valuable perspectives on starting the healing process right. Tune in to learn more about how to navigate these first crucial steps in trauma recovery.Join the Institute:Trauma Institute: @traumainstitute | traumainstitute.comFrank Anderson: @frank_andersonmd | frankandersonmd.comMatthias Barker: @matthiasjbarker |

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