Meggan Watterson | How to Meditate like Mary Magdalene

Embark on a transformational guided meditation with bestselling author and feminist theologian Meggan Watterson. You'll journey into the depths of your heart to reveal the truth of who you are, to anchor into love, and to reclaim your true power. Meggan will guide you to the realization that being human means being the bridge between the created material world and the creating spiritual world. Just like Mary Magdalene, you will listen inwardly to discover how to be completely embodied and fully divine, leading you to the ultimate power source that you hold as a human—that of infinite love. If you enjoy this meditation, we think you'll love The Mary Magdalene Oracle, a 44-card deck & guidebook of Mary's gospel. Each card is meant to remind us of the truth that we are comprised of a massively human ego as well as a divinely merciful soul so that we can do the life-altering inner-work of bringing love to where it has never been before. The deck releases on July 18, but you can preorder it today and receive an exclusive free gift at

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