Covenant Theology & the Church

Looking for a Reformed Church in Orange County? Check out Santa Ana Reformed (a United Reformed Church plant) meeting Sundays at 4:00 PM, with a 5:30 PM fellowship dinner afterwards. Please help support the show on our Patreon Page! SEASON 4 EPISODE 9 Join Nick and Peter as they continue their series on The Reformed Church with a conversation around Covenant Theology & the Church! How does our understanding of Covenant Theology inform the structure and substance of the local and global Church? Listen in! We want to thank P&R Books for being the engine behind this season, providing many of the necessary resources for well-informed conversations! Resources in this episode: Covenant Theology: Biblical, Theological, & Historical Perspectives Resources for this season: Recovering the Reformed Confession: R. Scott Clark Covenant, Justification, & Pastoral Ministry: Edited by R. Scott Clark How Jesus Runs the Church: Guy Prentiss Waters Welcome to a Reformed Church: Daniel R. Hyde The Creedal Imperative: Carl Trueman A Better Way: Michael Horton Theology for Ministry: Edited by Chad Van Dixhoorn, John C.A. Ferguson, & William R. Edwards Reformation Theology: Edited by Matthew Barrett Have Feedback or Questions? Email us at: [email protected] Find us on Instagram: @guiltgracepod Follow us on Twitter: @guiltgracepod Find us on YouTube: Guilt Grace Gratitude Podcast Please rate and subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you use! Looking for a Reformed Church? North American Presbyterian & Reformed Churches --- Support this podcast:

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This is a show for everyone by two friends (a seminary student and layman) having conversations about Christian doctrine from the historic Reformed tradition, answering the biggest questions facing the Bible, Faith, doctrinal explanations, and BookClub reviews all with pastors, theologians and authors as guests. We bridge the gap to Reformed Christian theology. Twitter: @guiltgracepod Instagram: @guiltgracepod Support this podcast: