Theological Faithfulness in Difficult Times: Remembering James Ussher

What is the form and dynamic of faithful ministry and theology in a contested time? And in what ways might those with Reformed Anglican sympathies appreciate and capitalize upon the very best of that tradition without falling for Anglo-catholicism? Perhaps surprisingly, both of these questions come together in one figure: the famous Archbishop of Armaugh, James Ussher.On 30 October at Greystone Cardiff and online, Greystone is hosting a special lecture series event called "Theological Ministry in a Contested World: James Ussher as Reformed Churchman," with Dr. Harrison Perkins, scholar of early modern Reformed theology and minister at London City Presbyterian Church in London. You can find out more about this event and register for it at Greystone’s website,   Dr. Garcia had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Perkins recently about his upcoming talks at Greystone Cardiff, about an exciting translated and edited collection of some hitherto unpublished works by Ussher forthcoming from Westminster Seminary Press, and about Ussher’s perhaps surprising relevance and importance in our day. As Ussher in particular and Reformed Anglicanism in general are enjoying a revival of serious interest among confessional Reformed Christians, surefooted and clear-sighted guidance into this giant of the Reformed tradition is very welcome, and Dr. Perkins provides just that.

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