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Don’t Let Your Tree Care Service Backlog Own You.

from Green Industry Perspectives | Published 8/17/2021

Noel Boyer takes a very different approach to his business than most owners. To Noel, growth isn’t his main objective. It’s a byproduct of providing his clients with world-class tree care service. He only pays for marketing on a local radio station, and Noel relies on word of mouth to keep growing. Noel’s company, All About Trees, has consistently had a 13-week backlog of work for the past three years. Due to this, he’s lost some potential clients to competitors. There’s plenty of pressure to grow, buy more equipment, hire more crews, and expand his territory, but this pressure doesn’t faze Noel. To him, true success is looking forward to working every day and delighting his customers with a great experience. Here are Noel’s tips for tree care service success:Focus on profitability over revenueAllow your crew leaders to resolve issuesGood owners delegate as much as possibleGrow at a pace you’re comfortable with, not the pace others expectGive your employees the chance to fail and learnYour best leaders aren’t the best climbers 

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