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Rendering on the Server with Fredrik Höglund

from Frontend Greatness | Published 1/28/2021

Fredrik Höglund, the author of two React Server-Side Rendering libraries and a Frontend Lead at PriceRunner joins A-P Koponen on the Frontend Greatness podcast to talk about "rendering on the server". In this episode: - What should every frontend developer know about rendering on the server? - What approaches there are for rendering React apps on the server? - What are React Server Components? - How are React Server Components different from Next.js SSR? - How can you render your SPA on the server? --- Episode Notes Social - Fredrik's Twitter: - A-P's Twitter: Show Notes - Next.js : - Remix: - Gatsby: - RedwoodJS: - Blitz.js: - React Server Components: - Razzle: - PriceRunner: - - Dynamic Rendering: Fredrik's Recommendations - Great reading on different types of rendering, not React specific: - Various resources: - Learn Next.js: - Official ReactDOMServer docs: - Avoid XSS vulnerabilities: Fredrik's SSR Challenge Easy - Create a Razzle app and take a look at server.js. - Razzle docs: Medium - Add React Query or Redux, fetch data on the server, and hydrate that to the client. - React Query docs: - Redux docs: Hard - Using react-router, add multiple pages, and a page-level abstraction for data fetching. - React Router docs: - How after.js does it:

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