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Layouts and Spacing with Mark Dalgleish - Part 2/2

from Frontend Greatness | Published 2/24/2021

Mark Dalgleish, the co-author of CSS-modules, who currently works at SEEK building Playroom and frontends with the Braid Design System, joins A-P Koponen on the Frontend Greatness podcast to talk about "Layouts and Spacing". The episode is split into two parts for easier listenability. In part 1: - What is the goal of a good layout and spacing system? - Best practices for layouts and spacing. In Part 2: - Layout Components you should use in your everyday work. - How to get started with layout components and consistent spacing. - Mark's thoughts on going from good to great as a frontend developer. --- Episode Notes Social - Mark's Twitter: - A-P's Twitter: Show Notes - Capsize: - Braid Design System: - "Margin is like side-effect" -tweet: - Tailwind's Spacing Scale: - Mark's talk on design best practices: - Chakra UI's layout components: Mark's Recommendations - Build something in the open. - Talk in a meetup or conference.

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