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Content Management with Jake Dohm

from Frontend Greatness | Published 2/10/2021

Jake Dohm, a frontend developer at Good Work, who is building his own CMS, joins A-P Koponen on the Frontend Greatness podcast to talk about "Content Management". In this episode: - What should every frontend developer know about content management? - What makes a good Content Management System (CMS) different from a basic admin panel? - What do you need to consider, when choosing a CMS? - How to get started with content management as a frontend developer? --- Episode Notes Social - Jake's Twitter: - A-P's Twitter: Show Notes - - - Wix: - Craft CMS: - Contentful: - Prismic: - Sanity: - Statamic: - KeyStoneJS: Jake's Recommendations - - James Q Quick: - Ryan Chenkie: - Sanity's YouTube channel: - Sarah Kapehe Sevilleja:

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