How to Pronounce 'Croissant' [Effortless French Pronunciation]

Learn to pronounce the delicious French word 'croissant' 🥐 in this episode of the French Made Easy Podcast. 📝 For the transcript, click here.✨ Take your first step towards clear and effortless French pronunciation with my free French Sounds Cheat Sheet. Discover all French sounds, avoid common pronunciation mistakes—no more saying ‘cul cul’ (bum bum 🍑) when you really mean ‘coucou’ (hey 👋)—and express yourself more clearly. Download for free right here.🗺✨ Struggling with French Pronunciation? Get your 'Five-Step Roadmap to Effortless French Pronunciation' audio guide (and its accompanying transcript) – your key to clear, confident, and effortless speech. Perfect for beginners! Download Your Free Audio Guide Now 🧡

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