121 - ‘Visiter’ Vs. ‘Rendre Visite’: Which One to Choose?

Not sure when to use ‘visiter’ (to visit) vs ‘rendre visite’ (to visit) in French? In this episode, I’ll clarify the difference and usage between these two French verbs. 🤓📝 Cheat Sheet & Transcript: Click here to download the cheat sheet and transcript for this episode.🗝✨  FME Exercise Library:  Unlock your free Exercise Library and get 100+ beginner-friendly exercises from the French Made Easy podcast lessons to help you practice and improve your French skills! Click here to access the FREE Library! 🔓🗺✨ Struggling with French Pronunciation? Get your 'Five-Step Roadmap to Effortless French Pronunciation' audio guide (and its accompanying transcript) – your key to clear, confident, and effortless speech. Perfect for beginners! Download Your Free Audio Guide Now 🧡

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