Episode 14: Music Is Not Like Tennis

from Flavortone | Published 9/18/2021

Fresh from a visit to the Billie-Jean King National Tennis Center for the U.S. Open Grand Slam tournament, Alec & Nick consider a comparison between the sport of tennis and music. The episode charts out three conceptual spaces shared by sports and arts: the cultural production of iconic figures, an emphasis on the management of time, and political economies of Winning and Losing. Discussion of amateurism vs. professionalism, Jacques Attali's book, "Noise," and the Marvel cinematic universe all feature in this deliberation on constitutive elements in sport and music. Opening theme music: Xander Seren Closing music: John McEnroe with Patty Smyth & Scandal, "Rocking in the Free World," live at The Canyon Club Agoura 7/28/2018

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Flavortone is a music commentary podcast hosted by Nick Scavo and Alec Sturgis.