Episode 10: In Defense of Blighttown

from Flavortone | Published 7/10/2021

Alec and Nick discuss Blighttown, a notoriously punishing level in the video game Dark Souls where everything wants to poison you, or give you toxic status. The discussion uses the level as way of talking about “condemned structures” in contemporary music & discourse. Subversions of ascent and reward, the curatorial platform Blank Forms, anarchy, impermanent structures, cartography, reverb and more are all discussed—as well as the microtonal music of Pascale Criton and Harry Partch.  Opening skit audio: A collection of Dark Souls "rage quits" overlaid with "Toxicity" by System of a Down Opening theme music: Xander Seren Closing Music: "Don't Wanna Go Down To Blight Town," Written and Arranged by TheGoodShipGWP team; Produced and recorded by JonnyAtma!

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Flavortone is a music commentary podcast hosted by Nick Scavo and Alec Sturgis.