Finance Scams Episode 4 - Interview with Lord Shiba Fantom

This episode featured the delightful Lord Shiba Fantom who is the lord of the Shiba Fantom community on the Fantom Opera blockchain. This was a delightful interview that featured us going in depth into Shiba Fantom, how the token was started, how the token is going, and also features a major announcement about the token. In addition, we also talk about general happenings in the world of Crypto, and whether or not Phil should sell his Litecoin (won't spoil that one!) Intro - 0:00-1:25 Interview - 1:25-25:05 Shiba Announcement: 25:06-31:13 Interview Pt.2 - 31:14-33:26 High MCAP happenings - 33:27-41:57 - (cover LUNA, BTC, MATIC, FTM, and some AAVE) Low MCAP happenings - 41:58-56:20 - (cover ALGO stablecoins, FTM yield farms (paintswap), DXSale on FTM,, Lending Protocols on Fantom - Scream, Tarot, and Aquarius) Noob Question of the day - 56:21-58:27 Closing Remarks - 58:28-End

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